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Meditations in the Key of J

Musings without, alas, much help from Calliope (but a little assist from Erato).

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Birthdate:Apr 3
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
I'm a Classical Five Element Acupuncturist (East Asian Medicine Practitioner) living and practicing in the Seattle area.

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abolishing organized religion, ahimsa, aikido, altered states of consciousness, ancient egypt, ancient rome, apocrypha, belgium, biology as ideology, bodymindspirit, buffy the vampire slayer, caitlin r. kiernan, calvin and hobbes, cats, chinese medicine, christopher rice, clark ashton smith, classical civilization, clive barker, coastal cities, cold laser therapy, communism, compassion, concinnity, creating a true meritocracy, cultural relativism, darwinism, dead magic, death, deism, demonology, drugs, dungeons and dragons, ecoterrorism, edward gorey, elizabeth bathory, emigrating, empathy, energy medicine, enlightenment, environmentalism, equilibrium, ergonomics, erotica, esoterica, etiquette, eugenics begins at home!, european history, farscape, feminism, feng shui, firefly, five element acupuncture, friedrich wilhelm nietzsche, gay rights, gnosticism, gothic culture, h. p. lovecraft, h. r. giger, hedonism, heresy, homoeroticism, homosexuality, how things become taboo, ian mckellen, iconoclasm, immortality, imperialism, increasing my personal power, interdimensional travel, international relations, italian, italy, j. r. worsley, jean-jacques rousseau, karl marx, kate atkinson, latin, liberalism, lilith, linguistics, logograms, luxury, maltheism, mangosteen, militant atheism, moral authority, moral flexibility, morality, my own survival, nanotechnology, neil gaiman, neo-victorianism, nephilim, neurotechnology, norway, norwegian, occultism, oscar wilde, pacific northwest, paiderastia, personal responsibility, photobiomodulation, polytheistic societies, poppy z. brite, pornography, posthumanism, pragmatism, pro-choice, promoting wellness, queer theory, realizing my potential, redefining masculinity, renewable energy, russia, russian, scandinavia, seattle, secular humanism, self-awareness, sensuality, sexuality, shamanism, social constructionism, social engineering, social justice, sodomy, spiritual development, stoicism, storm constantine, sybaritism, tantra, taoism, the written word, traditional chinese medicine, transcending physical limitations, transhumanism, universal human rights, urbanism, utilitarianism, vampires, veronica mars, vibrational dynamics, victorian social mores, vikings, washington state, wellness care, white wolf, xango, zen buddhism
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