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Received amazing treatment yesterday, VIII/IX block with CV 5, 12, 17, finished off with Fire points (XI 41, XII 2). Absolutely electric sensation of chi moving up the XI meridian all the way to XI 1-- entire lower half of face felt like lightning was dancing just beneath the surface. Clarity and cleansing are my watchwords for treatment at the moment, and this certainly seemed to give them to me.

Still no real desire for wheat, which is fabulous. Sugar is proving more tenacious, but I'm not actively seeking it out, and have indeed managed to resist cravings on numerous occasions, which seems to indicate that my Earth is gradually coming under control.

The problem I'm wrestling with now is the problem of connecting with the patient's chi. I have a dramatic and unmistakable reaction to the chi finally being contacted, but not everyone does; indeed, some will even fake a reaction to get the needling over with more quickly because they fear the discomfort or whatever. Practitioners say they can feel the chi in the needle when it makes contact, and maybe that's true with sufficient experience, but the clinic interns don't seem to have it yet, or not all of them, at least. I haven't needled a person yet, but I only hope that when I do my intuition will allow me to make those distinctions without relying on patients' subjective experience.


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