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Have been volunteering at school more, helping out with the new class for some reason that escapes me, but it ended up being valuable for me, at least, so that's all well and good. I am here to be of service, and there's no shortage of opportunities to remind myself of that.

After I left, I felt this unprecedented sense of celebration, such that I decided to walk from Laurelhurst to the U Bookstore, thence to Northgate, thence home. I made a point of going down side streets that I'd never seen before, looking at the colors-- so many shades of green!-- and the houses and the sky and all the amazing things that so often get lost in the chatter. I didn't even have my iPod, which I'm grateful for because I got to experience the day in as unmediated a manner as I can without virtually blinding myself by taking off my glasses. I was even smiling at people, and making eye contact, for fuck's sake.

Apparently a noticeable shift in my energetic equilibrium has come about since Miss M started treating me on Earth. This only confirms what I've been feeling internally, but still, it's nice to have the external validation every now and again. Who knows what's possible now that I'm finally on the right track?


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