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 I've been walking a lot more recently, which neatly accomplishes the dual goal of exercising more and spending less. I can do five miles and not feel the least bit tired, though apparently the muscles on the lateral edge of my feet (the flexor digitorum brevis, I believe) need strengthening, because walking that far in my Vibrams makes them rather sore (but only on one side at a time-- first it was the left, now it's the right. I dunno, man).

I love Vibrams because they give my feet freedom of movement, and allow me to feel more grounded and connected to the earth; for me, who often allows his head to drift among the clouds, that's very important.

Treatment yesterday featured the outer AEPs, which was new to me; the points actually developed superficial blisters that only lasted until that evening, but were rather itchy. It's amazing how different some points feel from others-- command points feel like a freight train made of lightning rocketing all the way up from my toes, while the back points are more subtle, almost languorous. I look forward to the day when I can afford to get treated on a weekly basis, so as to more fully experience the range of sensations available.

Gotta say, having a Window of the Sky done was disappointing, after all the fanfare we got about them in class. Of course, it may simply be that my system needs time to process the full import of the point. I really want to get my hands on a copy of Debra Kaatz's book so I can become more familiar with the nature of each individual point.
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